What is innovate AFITC?

Held in conjunction with AFITC, innovateAFITC is a hackathon event where members of government, industry, and academia collaborate and network together to discuss the national problems we face today.  This competition enables students, CyberPatriots, IT professionals and airmen from related career backgrounds in network communications, cybersecurity, software development, design, and STEM to quickly collaborate, form bonds of Wingmanship, and share skills and experience. By tapping into the talent across functional and organizational lines, the USAF can leverage innovation in the community it serves to identify ideas and recruit talent for the enterprise. This event aims to foster military organization comradery with industry partners and the educational community.


·   4-6 person teams

·   Each team must consist of members’ representative of the following backgrounds:

      o   1 Student

      o   1 Military Member

      o   1 Industry Professional

·   It is advantageous your team composition includes expertise within the network communications, cybersecurity, software development and design areas to effectively address all evaluated areas

·  Participant matchmaking for participants without a starting team is available

WHEN Is Innovate afitc?

August 27 - 30, 2017


Smart City and Smart Base

Each team will identify a problem or challenge within an Air Force mission area and will create an innovative technical solution to that problem to present for a panel of judges.  As the event draws near, information will be released to aid in the development of the solution.  The rubric detailing the criteria for each team’s presentation will be released in phases with the final phase occurring at the event kickoff at 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 27. Each team will have 24hours to create and submit their presentation to the event organizers


Military and student registration is free. Industry registrants will pay a $50 entry fee.  Each team must detail which team members are meeting the required criteria.  If you are looking for a team, visit the matchmaking link to be paired with other IT experts looking to form a team. Registration is limited to 15 teams. 




The Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference

From former and current personnel who shape the conversation about information technology/cyber security, to the private industry leaders developing new and innovative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow, no other event gives you such high-level access to both ends of this spectrum. If you have cyber or cutting edge IT solutions to offer, you should be at AFITC.

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