Our overarching purpose in creating the I-85 Regional STEM Ecosystem is to coordinate the work of educators, business/industry partners, non-profits, and government agencies to improve STEM education, enhance career awareness, and enrich talent pipelines across the I-85 corridor. This

regional ecosystem will span from Montgomery to Tuskegee and on to Auburn. The most recent labor market information for Alabama demonstrates a growing need for a workforce capable of filling positions across a broad range of STEM-related fields. Given the unique industries currently emerging in the state – particularly tech, software development and cybersecurity – we have a tremendous opportunity to build a robust STEM

workforce while closing demographic gaps and providing economic mobility opportunities for all. To achieve success, our Region must create networks of interdependent stakeholders who are aligned in their missions to educate and guide Alabama’s students into the STEM workforce. Our I-85 Regional STEM Learning Ecosystem approach nurtures students’ curiosities, enabling them to explore pathways and make informed decisions about their future.