Every December, TechMGM partners with companies and organizations across the Montgomery community to celebrate national Computer Science Education Week.  The goal is to raise awareness of STEM and computer science opportunities in the Montgomery area. Over 350 sponsors and 100,000 educators nationwide are involved in promoting computer science education to K-12 students. TechMGM expands the concept to include opportunities for college students, IT professionals, educators and start-up entrepreneurs.

Looking for new ways to train your workforce? Want to know more about keeping your children safe online? How about trying coding as a hobby? Sign up for one of our FREE events! Join TechMGM as we celebrate National Computer Science Education Week from December 1st -13th with a spectacular theme: COUNTDOWN TO THE FUTURE. Social distancing restrictions may have put a limit on community activities, but the variety of virtual events planned by TechMGM will bring people together in a safe and technology-forward environment. Be sure to find an event that’s just right for you, and commit to advancing STEM and computer science education in Montgomery.

Start-ups MEET Tech Acceleration

Are you a start-up entrepreneur looking to grow your business in digital services and/or mobile application development? Here’s an opportunity to learn about the new Montgomery TechLab (MTL) accelerator program.  This roundtable discussion featured speakers from MTL, DCODE, Fearless and BESPIN, the AF’s latest agile software factory. Session recording can be found here https://youtu.be/ZWHHdQ7CYaM

Welcome to the AMAZING World of Rube Goldberg:

TechMGM partnered with Jacobs Engineering for Elementary school students to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Check out our participants and the winners of the Rube Goldberg Competition.

Prepare Today for Tomorrow:  

Are you a college student seeking resume writing and interview tips? Look no further! Stratice Consulting, SMS and Heptagon hosted a virtual workshop to provide you with resume writing and interviewing skills to help you jump start your career.  Session recording can be found here


Brighter Days Ahead:  

Future IT professionals, Airmen, students, faculty, and others came together in a collaborative environment sponsored by Young AFCEAN. We featured Kendra Charbonneau, a speaker providing the latest in agile,
DevSecOps and software development practices. Session Recording can be found here:

Innovating for Education and Career Planning

HiEd, is an educational tool developed to impact schools by bridging the gaps to obtain success. We hosted a virtual coffee break and discussed how educational intuitions, students, parents and corporations can benefit from this new innovative app.  Recorded session can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVjzwohOqk8&feature=youtu.be

Middle Schoolers Glide Into the Future:

TechMGM and Serquest gave River Region middle school students a chance to create their own Glide app for competition! Check out the participants and winners here: https://youtu.be/vkWAtOXXphE


TechMGM hosted with ALFA, CGI and MGMWERX an exciting opportunity for students to use their creativity and technical skills to develop a system using the latest Raspberry Pi. Check out our participants
and winners at the link below. https://youtu.be/v2WD93zLg-U