MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Thursday is Innovation Showcase Day in Montgomery, putting Montgomery’s tech and innovation industry in the spotlight.

A full day of events has been planned to bring industry leaders, lawmakers, investors, and others to connect and learn about potential partnerships with the city.

Organizer’s of Montgomery’s Innovation Showcase Day are working as part of a statewide effort that started in 2020 when Gov. Kay Ivey created the first statewide commission on entrepreneurship and innovation. The effort is known as “Innovate Alabama.”

“The charge to the commission is to identify policies, practices, strategies to grow our innovation, sector, entrepreneurship technology, and knowledge-based jobs across the state in a coordinated and strategic manner,” explained Rep. Bill Poole, (R) Tuscaloosa, who chairs the commission. “And so the Commission’s charge is to determine how to do that and to make recommendations and the Commission has issued a number of interim recommendations.