MGMWERX is a unique collaborative project between Air University (the leadership-development center for the Air Force), the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. The program is one part of a larger ongoing initiative by the city of Montgomery, Alabama, called TechMGM, a collaboration of local industry, educational and government entities working together to leverage Montgomery’s growing technology-related assets. The goal of Tech MGM is to maximize the community’s diverse technology talent pipeline and promote the city as an emerging and innovative technology hub and enhance the workforce as well as grow the regional economy.

Opening fall of 2018 in Montgomery, the state-of-the-art innovation center will bring military, academia, government and industry technologists together to solve key issues facing the Air Force and will eventually serve as an incubator for broader innovation projects. By leveraging ‚Äúoutside the gate‚ÄĚ thinking and ideas to facilitate and accelerate experimentation with emerging technologies, MGMWERX aims to solve real-world problems and to get innovation to the warfighters faster.

National nonprofit DEFENSEWERX will operate the new center and has successfully deployed similar models like SOFWERX, with Special Operations Command based in Tampa, Fla.; and AFWERX, teaming with the Air Force out of Las Vegas. This unprecedented partnership between regional public and private entities is part of a joint effort between industry leaders to provide local businesses the opportunity to grow and propel Montgomery forward as a city of innovation and collaboration.

Joining the MGMWERX ecosystem affords individuals and organizations opportunities to get involved in creating tangible solutions through innovation and collaboration, workforce development, tech transfer and rapid prototyping activities.

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