AUM is the first university to connect to the new internet hub.

Auburn University at Montgomery is the first university to join the new Montgomery Internet Exchange (MGMix). The MGMix — a centralized digital data hub — is expected to increase internet speeds for Central Alabama. For AUM, that means the potential for cost savings, more opportunities for large-scale collaborative research, and an increase in job opportunities for graduates. It also means AUM’s proven ability to evolve its programs to meet the needs of today’s businesses and tomorrow’s professionals will continue to be an asset in the River Region and beyond.

“As the Montgomery Internet Exchange launches Montgomery into its place as an emerging technology hub, we expect to see a growing and changing workforce and economy in the region,” said AUM Chancellor Carl A. Stockton. “The Montgomery Internet Exchange will attract business to the region. That means more jobs for graduates and more people seeking the education and skills these employers will be looking for. Our priority at AUM is always to offer degrees and programs prepare our graduates for meaningful and rewarding careers.”

Auburn Montgomery’s growth of its Cybersystems and Information Security, Homeland Security and Information Systems programs represents AUM’s commitment to vital areas of study that will prepare students and businesses to seize the MGMix advantage.

More immediately, AUM joining the MGMix will result in a better experience for students working and, especially, living on campus. “When so many of our students are connected via their many devices — for schoolwork and entertainment, they’re going to enjoy the faster speeds,” said AUM CIO Tobias Mense. “And the MGMix means we’ll be able to offer a better experience without it costing us more,” he added.

AUM is also eager to explore new MGMix-enabled opportunities to grow its collaborations with business and industry, as well as other universities. Faculty, for example, can now share much larger amounts of data with their peers on campus and around the world to produce and participate in valuable research.