Air Force, Private Sector Join in Alabama ‘Hackathon’

//Air Force, Private Sector Join in Alabama ‘Hackathon’

Air Force, Private Sector Join in Alabama ‘Hackathon’

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Air Force is joining with the private sector in Alabama to team up against cyber-security threats.

A “hackathon” will be held as part of the Air Force Information Technology and CyberPower Conference beginning in Montgomery on Monday.

Teams recruited from Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, participants in the Air Force’s National Youth Cyber Education Program and area students will collaborate on projects and present solutions during the conference.

A statement from the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce says the event marks the first time the Air Force and private-sector professionals have worked together in such a way to combat computer security issues.

Montgomery is concentrating on cyber programs and information technology as one path for economic development.


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